Summer Camp!
6/21/21 – 7/2/21

Children ages 3 – 10 are invited to join us for a two-week summer camp led by our own faculty. Weekly themes and activities will follow the three tenets of every GCS classroom: collaboration, cooperation, and innovation.

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Our school is a place of collaboration, trust and civility.  We are a community of learners with classes from 18 months to 5th grade.  Our pedagogy is innovative, our values are grounded in time honored tradition with a commitment to be on the forefront of the progressive ideas that produce the best education and learning environments.  

Our curriculum is innovative and student centered with an emphasis on independent thinking and problem solving. Our students mature into confident, self-directed learners who recognize the value of collaboration and cooperation in the learning environment. We prepare our students for later education and for life by giving them an appreciation for beauty, a desire for truth and the capacity to love themselves and those around them. MORE

Our Mission is to Support Our Students to Become the Future Creators, Builders and Leaders of West Virginia and Beyond.

The New Bolling School

People in the Greenbrier community have gathered around Greenbrier Community School in an incredibly powerful way, showing their excitement and support for the future of this school and how they see it will impact the greater community leading into the future, by donating 1.25 million dollars in just 8 short months.

Check out our recent renovations!

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Latest News at GCS

Like every school across the world, we are deciding what learning programs and services will work best and safest for our community. The Board of Trustees and Faculty at Greenbrier Community School remain extremely committed to maintaining connections and support for our students, parents and teachers during this stressful time. However, due to health and safety concerns for our school community and our community at large, we are delaying our return to in-person school instruction until the Spring of 2021.

During the fall and winter months, Greenbrier Community School is excited to offer our beautifully renovated Bolling School as a place for tutoring, learning pods and small group sessions. We are actively working through the details of this and developing partnerships with other educational institutions in order to benefit the entire Greenbrier Valley during this pandemic. We look forward to reopening regular school classes once it is safe to do so in a way that embraces the true community, relationship-driven learning environment that sets Greenbrier Community School apart.


Rent Space in the Newly Renovated Bolling School

September 7, 2020 3:00 AM

Offering Classroom Rentals!



Six ways that GCS creates Progressive and Innovative Learning Environments for Our Students.


According to the Census, 93.6% of West Virginians are Caucasian.
However 22% of GCS students are of ethnic origin.
We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school for every type of student and family despite their socioeconomic status and family structure. Currently,
51% of our students are receiving financial assistance.
On the 2018 National Reading
and Language Arts standardized
testing scores, the
GCS overall school average was 90%
On the 2018 standardized tests,
34% of our students scored in the 95th percentile or above in all areas.

Creating the Culture
of the Classroom

Over the first six weeks the primary focus of all GCS classrooms is to set up the structures and behavioral atmosphere needed to create the ideal learning environment for all students. Students co-create this environment so that they feel safe to voice their concerns and needs, clear in their understanding of behavioral and academic expectations and inspired to learn and grow as a valued member of a real community. Click on the links below on the right for details.

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Daily agenda Introduced
Every classroom has a daily agenda and the day begins and ends with a morning circle to discuss the the goals for the day and what may have been missed at the end of the day so students are aware of what adjustments will be made for the agenda on the following day.
Classroom Structure Development
Students make lists of what will make the class work smoothly. Procedures are set for how students operate in the classrooms, how they transition from activities, how materials are used and put away, and how they will take responsibility in the classroom for their behavior for their needs.
Social Behavioral Constructs
Procedures for how teachers respond to breakdowns with students, and how peers respond to each other if there is a conflict are developed. Teachers model behavioral responses for students to emulate, which helps to set the tone for a harmonious classroom environment.
Building Trusting Community
Teachers connect with students on a human level to create relationships as caring community members not authoritarian teacher/student roles. Strategies such as being at the door in the morning, saying good morning, showing empathy with separation from parents or emotional concerns of students may have.
Class Promise
A behavioral contract for the rules that govern the class is co-created by students and facilitated by the teacher. All students sign or add hand prints to validate the contract. The contract may get read daily and students are reminded that failure is ok and the class promise is in place for students to realign with if a breakdown occurs. Teachers post the promise in a visibly prominent place in the classroom for students to refer to often.