About GCS

Our school community is a place of collaboration, trust and civility.  We are a community of learners with classes from 18 months to 6th grade.  Our pedagogy is innovative, our values are grounded in time honored tradition with a commitment to be on the forefront of the progressive ideas that produce the best education and learning environments.  

We are comprehensive, inclusive and encourage respect for all person’s beliefs and do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, or national origin. We actively seek out faculty and students of diverse backgrounds and traditions in the belief that they bring something to be valued and respected, and because we would like to be broadly inclusive of the community we serve. We look for the values that unite people rather than those that divide, and do not allow factionalism to undermine the life of the whole.

Our faculty consists of experienced education professionals who understand the individual needs of children and who provide a rigorous academic environment where students are challenged to achieve at the highest possible level.  Our excellent reputation in the community has been built on eighteen years of providing developmentally appropriate curriculum taught by skilled instructors.

Our curriculum is innovative and student centered with an emphasis on independent thinking and problem solving. Our students mature into confident, self-directed learners who recognize the value of collaboration and cooperation in the learning environment. We prepare our students for later education and for life by giving them an appreciation for beauty, a desire for truth and the capacity to love themselves and those around them.

We believe that the habits of the mind and heart are formed at a relatively early age.  If the learning process is presented to children as a dynamic journey and not a static series of tasks, they will learn to be innovative problem solvers who are confident in their ability to make intellectually sound and morally appropriate decisions.



Six ways that GCS creates Progressive and Innovative Learning Environments for Our Students.