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Since 1999, GCS has been a vital element of the Greenbrier Valley by fostering children’s natural curiosity for exploration and helping every student cultivate a love of learning. We respect students as individuals, as learners, and as contributors. By using Best Practices and Responsive Classrooms, we promote personal development, both cognitively and socially while bringing our curriculum to life through direct experience and hands-on projects. Your contribution helps us connect learning to life by teaching skills most needed for success including core academics, leadership, resilience, and collaboration. We are so proud of our alumni, many of whom are working all over the world, attending Ivy League colleges, creating amazing works of performing and visual art, and most importantly all our past and present students are contributing members of society.


According to the Census, 93.6% of West Virginians are Caucasian.
However 22% of GCS students are of ethnic origin.
We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school for every type of student and family despite their socioeconomic status and family structure. Currently,
51% of our students are receiving financial assistance.
On the 2018 National Reading
and Language Arts standardized
testing scores, the
GES overall school average was 90%
On the 2018 standardized tests,
34% of our students scored in the 95th percentile or above in all areas.



Six ways that GCS creates Progressive and Innovative Learning Environments for Our Students.