We need your support to maintain critical school choice for our community

Since its inception in August of 1999, Greenbrier Community School (GCS) has been supporting students throughout the greater Greenbrier Valley to become creators, builders, and leaders of West Virginia. We are so proud of our alumni, many of whom are working all over the world, attending Ivy League colleges, creating amazing works of performing and visual art, and most importantly are contributing members of society.

The new school will offer a modern atmosphere conducive to the educational philosophy of GCS. Centrally located in the greater Greenbrier Valley, the new facility will incorporate separate areas for group learning activities, classrooms, kitchen, lunch room, playground, gardens, as well as specialized classrooms for technology, music, art, foreign language, and library with study space. The new facility will be bright, lively and appointed with amenities necessary for the development of the students into the modern world.

A Vital Resource for the Greenbrier Valley

Since 1999, GCS has quadrupled in size.  For 19 years GCS has been a vital element of the Greenbrier Valley by fostering children’s natural curiosity for exploration and helping every student cultivate a love of learning. We respect students as individuals, as learners, and as contributors. We promote personal development, both cognitively and socially while creating a meaningful understanding of curriculum through direct experience and hands-on projects. Your contribution helps us connect learning to life by teaching skills most needed for success including core academics, leadership, resilience, and collaboration.

A New School Building for Long-term Sustainability

In order to accommodate our growing school, the GCS Board of Trustee’s has begun a Capital Campaign to renovate the historic Bolling School tailor-made to meet the needs of the GCS student body and curriculum. A new school building will aid in the continued financial stability and long-term sustainability while allowing the student body to continue to grow for generations to come. The GCS Capital Campaign is an investment in the children of the Greenbrier Valley.


According to the Census, 93.6% of West Virginians are Caucasian.
However 22% of GES students are of ethnic origin.
We pride ourselves in being an inclusive school for every type of student and family despite their socioeconomic status and family structure. Currently,
51% of our students are receiving financial assistance.
On the 2018 National Reading
and Language Arts standardized
testing scores, the
GES overall school average was 90%
On the 2018 standardized tests,
34% of our students scored in the 95th percentile or above in all areas.

Our Goal: To Enhance the Environment for Student Development

While we recognize that a building does not make a school, our goal is to offer a facility to enhance the teaching environment for student development. We are producing students who are solving real-world challenges and are comfortable collaborating and communicating with people of all ages. Your support provides critical school choice for our community. Please help ensure a permanent home for GCS to continue to provide an academic environment that fosters students who are participating in our community, and are thinking with creativity and purpose.


Raise Funds to Purchase and Complete Construction of New Facility - ongoing


Complete renovation August 2020


Complete new construction

GCS is re-imagining school. We focus on individual learning in order to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of all students so they are able to thrive. Our students are responsible for setting their own academic goals, which improves both motivation and achievement.

GCS Offers a Unique Choice for Parents and Students  

Our community needs a school choice that embraces every kind of student. Our children need a school that is able to focus on individual learning in order to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of all students so they are able to thrive. We credit our growth and success to achieving that, and look forward to continuing to serve our community as a safe place that inspires every student to discover who they are, and who they want to be.



Six ways that GCS creates Progressive and Innovative Learning Environments for Our Students.