October Forest Room News

Reflecting on the last few weeks - we have been very busy adding more challenging work to our Daily 5 and Number Corner components, and with that came a deeper sense of classroom community.  Students found ways to work together and persevere. We have celebrated each other’s successes and encouraged each other through trying times.  Our classroom promise has been written and signed by each student and myself. I am proud to have my signature on the list of things that the students found important to include!  We have enjoyed many sunny afternoons outside, not forgetting the magic of climbing a tree or wiggling toes in the sandbox as we deepen our academics.  The Forest enjoyed our first field trip of the year to the Bolling School property.  Mr. Lance Syner was patient and knowledgeable in giving information about the projects happening there and answering questions. Thanks so much to all who helped make that trip a success!  Lastly, we have had so much fun giving “All About Me” presentations and getting to see everyone’s unique posters.  I appreciate the time you spent at home to make that happen.

-        Ms. Caroline

Curriculum Highlights for October – “Medley of Mapping” Geography, Maps, globes, symbols, compass and compass rose, traditional and unconventional mapping, uses for maps, creating interactive maps

Books – Me on the Map by Joane Sweeny, My Map Book by Sarah Finelli, Heart Maps by Georgia Heard

Read Aloud – “Matilda”  by Roald Dahl

Number Corner – Patterns and groupings, counting by twos and fives, days of the week sing along, tallying and Mad Minute Math Facts

Daily Five Focus- Short and Long A sound/Short and Long I sound, spelling groups, sight word work, handwriting, letter recognition (visual and auditory)

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