January Newsletter


Students have established a firm foundation to move fluidly throughout our mathematics time together. We continue to build upon and strengthen our understanding of coins and time, while in small groups students are continually given the "next step" as they are ready. The month of January will consist of whole number operations and measurement and data, as well as our continued focus on mastering multiplication/division fact families.

Reading & Writing Workshops

The Beehive will spend the month of January focusing a lot of our time and attention on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. though stories, word work, journals and reflections. Students will also create posters to celebrate his message of love, acceptance, and friendship.

Additionally, our grammar time will focus this month on understanding adjectives and contractions. Students will continue to write "Paragraphs of the Week" through daily practice and support. Their writing is coming so far and I am so proud of their hard work!


We are spending the month of January focusing on the Vikings and Norse mythology! This will be such an exciting unit as students will learn about the geographical location of Scandinavia, homeland of the Vikings, as well as how their expertise as sailors and shipbuilders, and their fierce raiding spirit, enabled them to trade, conquer, and explore over a vast area. We will pay particular attention to the voyages of Eric the Red and his son, Leif Eriksson.

More Events


November Newsletter

I am so excited to see our classroom continue to blossom and flourish as we begin the month of November. Children are truly reflecting on our Class Promise as they move throughout the day and it shows as their bonds and friendships grow tighter and our classroom community feels more and more like home every day...


October News in the Beehive

We have truly created a great foundation in our classroom these first five weeks of school. Our “Class Promise” is established, we are getting to know one another, build new friendships, and develop the first steps of responsibility.