March Newsletter

This is such a special time of year, not only as we prepare for the arrival of spring and the newness that it brings, but in the classroom as we see growth of another kind: students blossoming and expanding in their thinking, growing both academically and socially. Such a beautiful thing...


Students in the Beehive class will spend the month of March exploring and studying elements of geometry such as 2D and 3D shapes, lines and angles, congruency, area and perimeter. We will also continue reviewing previous math skills in our Interactive Math Notebook. This notebook provides students a fun, creative way to review and enhance previous concepts (two-digit addition/subtraction, time, graphs & charts) through cutting, gluing, and coloring!

Reader's & Writer's Workshop:

This month we will turn our attention to poetry. Students will hear different forms of poetry and learn to write limericks, acrostics, cinquain, and haiku poems. We will study and read works from famous poets here in the United States, and abroad and finish the unit by transforming our classroom into a coffee-house, complete with tea and snacks, and share our works with one another!

Additionally, we will focus on apostrophes, irregular verbs, and irregular proper nouns in our grammar time together, as well as continue the practice and development of handwriting, both cursive and print.


Our CORE study this month continues to focus on the 13 Colonies; we have loved studying each individual colony and learning how each began. Students have been creating billboards and brochures highlighting the colony of their choice and creating funny, clever sales tactics to convince other "colonists" to join them! So much fun! We will soon be turning our attention to animal classification, studying how animals are different, how they are alike, understanding the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, and then students will have the opportunity to create and classify an imaginary animal of their choice!

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March Newsletter

We can't believe it is March! Students in the Beehive have enjoyed the weather that comes this time of year and the unpredictability of sunshine and snow...