October News in the Beehive


Our math time will be focused on understanding place value, time, money, and number sequence for some, while others focus on more advanced concepts such as multiplication and division.

Reading & Writing Workshops

This month, we are working on strengthening reading and writing stamina, as well as understanding parts of speech, handwriting, and spelling.


We are spending this month understanding how to create and read maps and identifying landforms. We will focus our attention on recognizing maps of our town, country, and world.

Our Classroom

We have truly created a great foundation in our classroom these first five weeks of school. Our “Class Promise” is established, we are getting to know one another, build new friendships, and develop the first steps of responsibility. All of our class work is completed in small groups, allowing for focused, individualized attention and one-on-one support. I am so excited to see this year unfold and their growth flourish. As always, if you have any questions or need to reach out, please know that I am here. I am very excited to meet with you all at Fall Conferences!

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