November Newsletter


Math this month continues to focus on small group work where children feel safe to ask questions and take risks. While every student spends the entire year building a firm understanding of coins and time, some groups this month will continue to build place value understanding, while working on two-digit addition and subtraction; other students, however, are building fluidity in multiplication.

Reading & Writing Workshops

Students in the Beehive wrapped up the month of October learning about fairy tales and tall tales and what fun we had learning about exaggeration, characters, setting, plot, and the lessons some of these tales teach! Some of our literature consisted of "The Emperor's New Clothes," "Beauty and the Beast," "Paul Bunyon," "Pecos Bill," and "John Henry!" Students adapted the classic tale, "The Fisherman and his Wife" into their own fairy tale, while we discussed the editing components of writing.

The month of November will shift our to focus to the Core Knowledge Language Arts study where we will continue to move throughout our small group stations of Teacher Time, Read to Self, Listen to Reading, Word Work, Spelling, and Journals.


We are spending this month focusing our attention on Ancient Rome, understanding its geographical location and the components of their government, religion, and contributions to our world today. Students learned about Roman mosaic art and created beautiful, unique creations of their own! At the end of November, we will do a mini-unit on the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving.

Our Classroom

A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it out and spend Halloween with us at Byrnside Farms! Though the weather looked ominous that day, we ended up having a relatively mild (albeit windy) morning full of bonfires, pumpkins, mazes, and hayrides!

Looking ahead, I am so excited to see our classroom continue to blossom and flourish as we begin the month of November. Children are truly reflecting on our Class Promise as they move throughout the day and it shows as their bonds and friendships grow tighter and our classroom community feels more and more like home every day...

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