February 2, 2020

Febuary Monarch News

Finally! A February newsletter.  The days just fly by and before I know it a week has gone by.  


Over January theMonarch children were busy with studies of MLK and animals in winter.  We talked and read about animals that hibernate and migrate. The children worked to create a winter habitat in the classroom that includes a bear cave, a lake, and trees.  I hear them talking about hibernators and migrators in their play from time to time. With temps getting colder during the month, we made ice in containers of various sizes.  The children made predictions about which container would freeze first.  Once we had ice they made observations and more predictions about which would melt first.


Through all these studies the Monarch children continue to engage in cooperative and collaborative play.  On any given day you may find a circle of upside-down chairs that make a submarine and a group of children focused on a large map, planning a journey.  Together they have to agree on many details that will make up the game – Who’s driving? What do they need to pack? Where are they going? What will the danger be – there is always some danger!  On the same day there will children working together on drawing at the white board or with playdoh.  There will probably be a construction of some kind happening in the block corner where even more collaboration is called for.  And there will most likely be a pretend play game of house, or kings and queens, or puppies. Often these games will ebb and flow with children coming and going and roles changing. There will be disputes – We can’t have 2 kings!  And there will be solutions.  The Monarch Room is often loud, boisterous, and can look to be chaotic.  But if you take the time to notice you’ll see conflict resolution, compromise, independence, and team work.  You’ll also see mistakes, frustration, and recovery. It takes all of this to grow 13 littles into 1 community.  


This month we’ll focus on Valentines – making, giving and receiving.  Please send in a box for your child to decorate and use as a mailbox. Shoe boxes are great, but cereal boxes and other smallish boxes work too.  If you have extra, send them all.  Below I’ll include the names of each child in case you want to send in Valentines on Friday2/14.  This month we’ll also continue our animal study and open a Veterinarian’s Office. In the past this has been a favorite part of this study.  


And we have SpiritWeek!

Monday – 2/10 –Favorite Book Character

Tuesday – 2/11 –Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday – 2/12 –Future Career Day – be imaginative!

Thursday – 2/13 -Pajama Day

Friday – 2/14 – WeLove Love Day – red, pink, purple

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Febuary Monarch News

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