January 2, 2020

Monarch January News

It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m sure you’re feeling some of the same things I am – ready to get back to school and routines and not ready at all.  Tomorrow morning we’ll all be back together and – I hope – happy about that.


December was busy and wonderful.  I was glad so many of you were able to share the Festival of Lights and Holiday Happenings with us.  It was a perfect end to a very full month.


We’ve been focusing all year on building our classroom community and learning positive ways to work and play together.  We have a solid foundation now that will allow us to go deeper in to our studies. We often see children showing their growing understandings and abilities as the new year begins.  I’m excited to step into this exciting time of learning with the Monarch children.


January will find the Monarchs learning about Martin LutherKing and his fight for fairness.  We’ll give at least a few weeks to learning and understanding the gift of Dr. King’s work.  I will do my best to lessen the children’s focus on Dr. King’s death – but the truth of his killing is always very interesting to them.  We’ll be talking about Rosa Parks, segregation, and the bus boycott of 1955.  And remember that GCS considers MLK Day,January 20, a day on and we will be in school.


Other studies that we might delve into over the month include ice, snow, and animals in winter. I hope to read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen and see if the story sparks conversations, ideas, or new games.  I could use some flashlights – if you have one we can borrow for a bit of time please let me know.


You’ll see a gradual increase in the academics of PreK – writing names, working with hearing, sorting, and making rhymes, counting and number recognition.  This work will be play centered, geared to meet the logical next step for each child, and gentle.  If you have any questions about this – or anything going on in the Monarch Room please be in touch

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