December 4, 2019

Monarch News

December is here and there’s a slight chance of snow in the forecast. Even though the calendar doesn’t agree – winter is here.

November was a pretty great month in the Monarch Room. We continued to really focus on counting our blessings and noticing what makes us happy.  The children made maps of their hearts – who and what they hold dear. Look for these maps hanging outside our classroom.  We also continued the practice of making thank you cards with many children coming to this work.  The children of the Monarch Room are real makers and creators. They enjoyed having new materials in the block corner and the home center.  Many of their creations originate in these parts of the room.  They also love when the hot glue gun comes out along with Maker Space supplies.  The children start with an idea of what they’re going to make, but as they move through the process of placing items and seeing their creations take shape, new ideas come and a story emerges. Most often what they make has very little to do with the original idea.  It’s a wonderful process of problem solving, artistic expression, and design.  

We only have 3 weeks together before we’re on break again.  The children are going to be full of excitement and Christmas joy.  While this is a wonderful time, it can also be stressful with changes in routines, late nights ,and so much anticipation!  My goal is to keep things calm and routine in the Monarch Room. I won’t be asking what the children want for Christmas or reminding them that Santa is watching. We will put up a Christmas tree, read Christmas books, and sing Christmas songs. We will celebrate!  And I will work to keep our classroom calm and routine.  

This year the school is bringing back a tradition from our early years – TheFestival of Lights.  Each class will choose a holiday tradition to present to our wider school community.  I’m going to suggest that the Monarchs learn about Chanukah and the magic of the light in this story.  I hope the children agree.  

Please be sure to write your child’s name in coats and sweaters.  And do send your child with a coat each day –we try to go outside as much as possible.

Do read the school newsletter – there is always info on events coming up.

On the map of my heart you’d find each of your little ones. I am so lucky to spend my days with them and doing this wonderful, hard work.

Best– Mariah



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